Next Gen-Penetration Testing

Enhance your security with Bugv’s comprehensive Next Generation penetration testing Services. Our Next Generation Penetration testing assistance helps you keep up with all the latest attacks on various internet access systems powered by human intelligence.

Why Pentesting at Bugv ?

In Bugv Next Generation penetration testing Service, We regularly look for vulnerabilities that may be present in your web, mobile or network systems and make recommendations to enhance the security of your system.

Web Application Pentesting

For the Web applications that accept user sensitive information, it is necessary to protect them. It is advisable to conduct penetration testing in regular intervals so, that the sensitive information are protected. Bugv provides web application penetration testing to assist organizations in understanding and fixing the vulnerabilities present in their applications.

Network Pentesting

A network penetration test is a process of identifying security vulnerabilities in applications and systems by using various techniques to evaluate network security. Bugv provides you with Network Pentesting security to detect the flaws present in your network and provides appropriate solutions in fixing the vulnerabilites.                                        

Mobile Application Pentesting

Mobile Applications uses have grown over the year and are a significant part of our life. Therefore, it is essential that organizations take the needed precautions to safeguard the applications against attacks. Bugv provides mobile application penetration testing services to help organizations to help secure the applications against security risks and help.

Web Service & API Pentesting

Due to the lack of proper security implementations web services and APIs are possible attacking vectors. Penetration testing on web services reduces the potential attacks possible due to the vulnerabilities in web services. Web service and API testing service of Bugv helps you to protect your sensitive information before they get exploited.

Wireless Pentesting

Wireless networking provides comfort and mobility for users, but there are additional risks associated with this comfort. If a vulnerable wireless network can be compromised from a safe distance, an attacker does not need to gain physical access. The wireless communications provided must wirelessly secure the connections and data. Wireless Pentest Service at Bugv equips with every detail needed to make your organization's wireless network secure.

IOT Pentesting

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects devices, Electronic devices, software, sensors and network connections that allows the exchange of data and signals between them. Despite them helping extensively in our life they are sensitive to many attacks. IoT Pentesting service of bugv includes extensive testing of all the components and possible attack vectors so, that your devices stay absoloutely safe and secure.

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