More intelligent. More Secure.

Bugv For Researchers

Eat - Sleep - Hack - Repeat

Vulnerabilty Disclosure

Report the found vulnerabilities and bugs of the company that are listed with bugv.

More platform to test

We have not restricted ourselves from only web testing under our platform you can list apps api web and apps also.

Bug Bounty

Get paid on the basis of severity of the bugs you found in private or public programs.

Quick Response

We are looking to verify the bugs quickly as soon as the researchers report it.

Pre-categorization for easy reporting

Bugv provides an easy reporting system with pre-specified input classes for different purposes. Researchers just have to fill their findings and POC of their exploit in the allocated fields. 

Bugs are quickly verified by the companies

Our clients are always seeking to find security loopholes in their systems . And we, bugv team, are also actively involved in verifying those security loophole and reporting them to the respective companies as quickly as possible.

Flawless bug bounty payments

We use all major payment gateways of nepal to transfer your rewards as quickly as possible. for international transfer we carry our payments through paypal.

More platforms to test, more bugs to find

Bugv doesn’t only limits itself to web security. Some programs requires expert network pentesters to scan vulnerabilities in their system. Besides we have Android apps, IOS apps and many more other platforms to find security vulnerabilities . 

Take Security to the next level